As some kind of tradition of Chinese New Year,I had to visit my elder uncle and grandma today.Father seemed quite happy,talking with his brothers during the lunch,and of course,drunk a lot.

I am quite sure the fact that I hate alcohol,and one of reason is that alcohol makes people say a lot without thinking. Moreover, it makes people speak loudly. I hate the noisy.

Father told me today, that I should go HOME with him the New Year.HOME means the where he grew up, meaning a place where I knows nothing.In his words,what father want to do is drive me to meet my BROTHERs and people like them, who consists our Family.

Although this travel will cost me only about one day, I don't like it at all, for I have to meet strangers in reason of the little common gene we share. I can't understant the logic such as, you must pretent treating each other pretty well because you got the same first name.The most interesting point is PRETENT. Because my father told me that i should meet my BROTHERs because they will always help me, meanwhile i noticed the relationship between his brothers' is not so good,you know ,maybe pretty terrible when talk about money and things like money.I wonder why i should trust people only for a first name, even i will perhaps meet them less than one time each year.Funny, isn't it?

Father consider it FAMILY.I consider it nothing .